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Service and Repair    

reventative Maintenance S

  • BODY - Clean all components and body exterior.  
  • STAGE ASSEMBLY - Adjust all backlash out of X & Y axis rack and pinion. Insure proper operation of stage and drive. Disassemble, degrease and relubricate, as required.
  • CONDENSER ASSEMBLY - Disassemble, degrease and relubricate. Adjust rack and pinion. Clean all lenses. Clean iris diaphragm.
  • BINOCULAR HEAD - Adjust dovetails. Clean eyepieces. Relubricate adjustable eyetube.
  • OPTICS - Disassemble system and clean all lenses and eyepieces. Clean objective body and lenses (exterior only). Parfocalize and center objective lenses.
  • ILLUMINATION SYSTEM - Disassemble system and clean all lenses. Clean lamphouse body.
  • CAMERA /MONITOR - Clean exterior lenses and monitor screen.
  • ALIGNMENT & FUNCTIONAL TESTS - Align entire optical system. Align illumination system. Align iris diaphragm. Final check instruments for proper operation.

Repair Service

  • Pre-cleaning evaluation and inspection.
  • Test all components for proper operation.
  • Disassemble unit as needed.
  • Clean optics.
  • Align optics and illumination (includes testing all components for proper
  • Check to make sure system is parfocal, alignment and resolution.
  • As needed - remove old lubricant and replace with quality new lubricants.
  • Check and set for proper illumination technique whenever possible.
  • Affix service label with date, scope number and next service-due date.
  • Inspect all mechanics and bearing systems.
  • Detail all adjustments and repairs with costs on RB Instrument’s Service Report.









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